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Toenail Infection by Dr. ER – Ingrown Nails, Nail Removal & Nail Care with RESTMORE, Medical Mondays

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In this video Dr. Oller showcases a toenail infection. Then we see a little information about RESTMORE which is a great supplement for better sleep. We also see some information about Meta-Seven which will help boost your metabolism naturally with vitamins like b12 and b6. Please check out one or both at and

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5 thoughts on “Toenail Infection by Dr. ER – Ingrown Nails, Nail Removal & Nail Care with RESTMORE, Medical Mondays”

  1. Using my honey’s comment section, name’s Rebecca: very educational, but the patient must’ve been in excruciating pain as the pus that suddenly oozed out was shocking! That I didn’t expect! Good video!

  2. I had a toenail removal. It was the worst pain I ever had. And the pain was so intense I could no sleep. I used to think about declawing my cat. OMG never in a millon years would I put a pet through that.

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