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Natural Nail Care Routine + Tips on Growth and Maintenance

Watch how you can grow and maintain your nails naturally!

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•• Revlon Cuticle Trimmer:
•• Nail Files and Nail File Cube at www.
•• DIY Cuticle Oil mixed with Jojoba and Almond oil
•• Belle Butters:
•• Kelapo Coconut Oil:
•• Sally Hansen Gel Polishes:


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13 thoughts on “Natural Nail Care Routine + Tips on Growth and Maintenance”

  1. Totally Awesome Loooong Natural Healthy Beauties ! They're O So Beautiful my LNB ! When women Possess Loooong Natural Healthy Beautiful Fingernails like Yours. Every Other Attribute on a woman's body Is Immaterial !!

  2. Love your nails!. I myself have fairly healthy long nails as well, the only problems I battle are vertical lines (my age 47) which I can handle. My question for you (soooo hope you can help!) is both my thumb nails always break at the baseline after a certain length?. All my nails are a little weak on the sides and that's where most of my breaks happen, but my thumbs drive me crazy….always have glue on them holding them together. I oil with jojoba oil, coconut oil, vitiamin E & even a little Vaseline cocoa butter jelly constantly all day and it helps. But I need help with my thumbs & weak sides??????.

  3. You gonna make me stop putting acrylic on my nails, they grow nice and long and I like to keep them that way with the acrylic but I may cut them and grow them out without it using these tips. Thank you!

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