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How To Clean and Get a Soft Brush after using nail polish

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Herome extra strong nail hardener review (nails more stronger)

also you can add a bit of soap to clean the brushes ,but then rinse them.
allow the brushes to dry with the wires down.
so that the water does not stay where the wires are attached with glue to the stick

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21 thoughts on “How To Clean and Get a Soft Brush after using nail polish”

  1. I just started using my brush today and i thought i didn't clean it enough. I even soaked it in nail polish remover! Thanks for the help! Btw, are those acrylic just normal acrylic paints people use in art, or acrylic paint specially for nails?

  2. Thank u so much for all your videos!!! all the nail designs are very beautiful, a nd all the tips u giving are very useful!!! Thank u from all the heart!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ and good luck!

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