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Easy Drag Watermarble Nails Tutorial

Hey lovelies. How are you all doing? Have you heard that Indigo Nails has just released a new collection? It is called Mama Style and it consists of 21 new colors. I am working on the swatches as we speak, so you can expect a blog post about it soon. For now, I will give you a sneak preview of some of the colors with a simple drag watermarble. Let’s take a look at the video.

This is my first attempt at a drag watermarble and I am very pleased with this design. My inspiration for these drag watermarble nails was definitely Sveta Sanders, who made many of them. Her designs are beautiful and the marbles are much more complex than mine.

Easy Drag Watermarble Nails Tutorial | Indigo Nails Mama Style

The base for my manicure is a beautiful dusky blue gel polish called Ice Ice Baby. The formula was absolutely amazing and pigmented. I ended up applying two coats. The marble design was made with two contrasting colors – Mama No Drama and Yummy Mummy.

Easy Drag Watermarble Nails Tutorial | Indigo Nails Mama Style

Making drag watermarble nails with gel polish is very easy. You can really take your time and work on the design until you are satisfied with the result. The is no rush of drying nail polish. You need to apply the drops of gel polish with a brush or a small dotting tool and then drag with with a thin brush.


At the end after curing the design I used the wonderful top coat Pro White. This top coat is great for using with bright shades of gel polish, as it doesn’t have the yellow tint. You need to wipe of the dispersion layer with it though, so I used the basic Wipe Off cleaner for that purpose.

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