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DIY Easy Rainbow Nail Art | Tropical Long Nails Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here:! Try this Nail tropical rainbow design done on a blue polish background with yellow hibiscus or orchids or anything you like set in front of beautiful long green leaves and centered with yellow dots and bling! This design is perfect for summer and for any vacation or relaxing trip you have planned! Try this Design and share on my links below! Please always SHOUT OUT who inspires you and keep this fun and giving Nail Art community happy and having fun!!

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40 thoughts on “DIY Easy Rainbow Nail Art | Tropical Long Nails Design Tutorial”

  1. thank you!…i sometimes think my patience is over the top insanity….but, once i get in there, i love love love what i do and to teach it out the world?!?!?its absolutely …………….amazing. i am glad you are watching, thank you so much….spread the word and i hope one day you try one and show me πŸ˜€

  2. This is one of my most favorite nail arts designs from you.. I might try to give a shot at these one of these days.. I just need to shore up my courage first.. Love you so much for the inspiration. <3

  3. HI robin!!!! I am Angelina. I love your work, you do it simple and amazing looking. It's really easy for me to follow your steps. I wish I could send some pictures but my "AMAZING" camera decided to mess up when I discovered you -_-. Anyways HELLO from PUERTO RICO!!!!!!!!

  4. I really loves these tropical flower design I haven't seem ome later I was wondering if you can do some more….πŸ‘˜pleaseπŸ‘ pretty please

  5. Hi robin im mandy…im a big fan of urs and am always looking for your latest tutorials. I was just wondering where could I find the good brushes cuz the beauty supplies only have the "crappy" ones lol. I hope to hear back from ya and cant wait for your next videos!

  6. thank you so much cubanita! i share it all in hopes nice people share the word and those who cannot afford very expensive classes can find me and learn what i know. i was very poor when i started and no one helped me. i am going to help those like me. πŸ™‚ please spread this channel to everyone you know will love it! *hugggggg*

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