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3D Nail Art Acrylic Roses on Stiletto

Suzie demonstrates how to create a stunning set of 3D Acrylic Stiletto Nails with Roses in this step by step tutorial.

00:40 Form Application
01:36 Creating the Stiletto Nail
04:51 Filing the Edges of the Acrylic Nails
05:19 Creating the Acrylic 3D Rose outside petals
05:46 Brush size comparison
07:13 Adding inside petals
07:33 Placing pearls or caviar, silver beads
08:34 The finished nail art reveal

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47 thoughts on “3D Nail Art Acrylic Roses on Stiletto”

  1. Just watched this and what a perfect winter wonderland if you put sparkles into your acrylic. You are an amazing tech and teacher. Thanks so much for your videos ❀

  2. Such intricate detail. It’s so fun watching you get excited about your work. I’m not a nail tech, but I like your videos, they’re mesmerizing!

  3. You said that when you first saw stiletto nails that you didn't like them… I still hate them. They look SO DANGEROUS to the wearer! I wear my nails 'modern short,' squared off, with slightly rounded corners, and even I hurt myself with them sometimes. I have scratched myself (and others) and I have seriously stabbed myself in the eye. I can't imagine wearing nails like the ones you made in this video, and I used to wear Dragon Lady tips under acrylic overlays, FULL LENGTH, back in the early 80s when I was in cosmetology school!

  4. I enjoy watching your videos. You have a lot of fun. I have to practice more on flowers. I think I do use a little too much monomer. Its not saturated but it sometimes will be a bit wetter than I would like when doing smaller ones.

  5. I love these OMG!!! If I ever have a wedding I'm going to do this with my nails!!! I love your work and you seem so sweet!!! I've been watching your videos for a while I wish I could get my nails done by you!!! Sorry not trying to be weird…

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